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The offer of our company is addressed to the clients who :

  • want to change design,  style or arrangement of the space where they live or work
  • wish to create an individual and unique character in a flat or house
  • have totally different image, from the present one, of the design and functions of the space
  • are satisfied with the looks of the space thet live in, feel good in there. However, there are some deatils they would like to change, for example: wall colour, cracks, wall-paper bubbles etc. We do know that such "deatils" can disturb our well_being and therefore, we willingly help to get rid of them.

Our offer comprises the following services:

  • painting
  • wall-paper hanging
  • brick-laying works
  • tile-fitting
  • lute works
  • floor fitting
  • floor scraping
  • assembly works
  • cleaning
  • roof constructions
  • and many others ...
We welcome you to the photo gallery where you can find photographs of some of our works.
I do hope we are able to encourage You to contact us and to co-operate with us.
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